About Us


Steve Faver is a local artist living in San Diego with over 40 years of art experience.

Steve’s exclusive and unique way of painting with a sponge is so simple everyone can paint in our classes

This program has already been so successful is so many retirement communities

Our desire is to bring our Art program into communities everywhere.

Steve has worked with many mediums such as:

  • • Acrylics,
  • • Watercolors,
  • • Oils,
  • • Pencil,
  • • Pastels,
  • • Airbrush and more.


Steve has painted miniatures as small as the palm of your hand, murals as large as the ceiling in your living room and every size in between.

Steve’s passions for art lead him to seek education with many institutions like Otis Parsons, Art Center, and others.

Contact us to see how we may help you and those you care for through the creative process!  Call us at (760) 310-5441.