Art for All Ages is the fastest growing Art program for seniors in California, Colorado, Virginia & Arizona.
With over 100 Art classes every month in communities just like yours!
Coming Soon to Michigan!

Mission Statement

Our hope is through the creative process those who participate will be Uplifted and Empowered with a Renewed Sense of Accomplishment, self-confidence and understanding of their worth and value in this life. (760) 310-5441

 Art Galleries

Art for All Ages specializes in art instruction for retirement communities. We work closely with activity directors of retirement communities to structure a series of Art classes that meets the needs of their residents. We establish a Creative environment where producing art work can be therapeutic to residents of active seniors.

Call us at (760) 310-5441.


• Building self-esteem and increasing motivation Reflective-Art

  • Strengthens focus,
  • Increases attention,
  • Develops hand-eye coordination,
  • Improves memory

Problem Solving-Art

  • Art can stimulate creativity,
  • Teaching problem Solving,
  • Plus it supports emotional wellbeing.

Art for All Ages provides instructional classes for those of all ages…  Contact us to see how we may help you and those you care for through the creative process!

Art Classes For Retirement Communities, Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

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