About Art For All Ages

Steve Faver is an artist with over 40 years of art experience.

Steve has worked with all sorts of mediums including Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, Pencils, Pastels, Airbrush and more…

Yet when it came to teaching art Steve discovered many do not have the dexterity to control a paintbrush.

That’s why he's created this unique painting program where 3 simple moves with a SPONGE and the painting is done!

All of our paintings can be done with little or no brushwork at all, the sponge does 90-100% of the work.

This has made Art For All Ages the fastest-growing Art program for seniors because it’s so easy EVERYONE can paint with our program!

Contact us to see how we may help you and those you care for through this great art program! Call us at (760) 310-5441.

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