Classes and Rates

Art For All Ages

Rates Include All Supplies. Call For A Quote (760) 310-5441

We offer our art classes for groups between 1-15 people. We have 3 pricing tiers to choose from.
Our Standard Monthly Rates are for Communities with classes once a month or more.
Our Every Other Month Rates are for Communities with classes every other month.
Our Stand Alone Class Rates are Communities with classes less than 6 times per year.

Select the pricing tier below to view the pricing tables.

Standard Monthly Rates $125.00
Communities with classes once a month of more

Number ParticipatingExtrasTotals:
1 to 10 Residents$0$125.00
11 Residents$10.00$135.00
12 Residents$20.00$145.00
13 Residents$30.00$155.00
14 Residents$40.00$165.00
15 Residents$50.00$175.00
Maximum Allowed 15$175.00

Single Class Rates are available.
For optimal results classes are limited to a maximum of 15 students.

's Landing
Class 64 Holoween Castle 2017
Class 65 Fisherman Blues
Class 67 Deer on the Cliff