Client Testimonials

Class 09 Whale Tail
Class 07 Beach Scene From Cave
Class 17 Artic Scene

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  • Onna was OUTSTANDING!  We all thoroughly enjoyed her!

  • Your artist was great with our residents and we had a full class!

  • Thank you, the residents love you!

  • Today’s class went really well.  Thank you so much, We’re really looking forward to adding you to our regular schedule. 

  • Hi Steve; this looks like a neat program! The art class was awesome yesterday. The residents and staff LOVE you.

  • It’s a wonderful program you have and we think it’s great! Our families love the art you assist our residents to make.  Thank you so much for all that you do here at Belmont!

  • Dear Art Teacher, My mother-in-law loves the art lessons you provide in the memory care wing at Brookdale Carlsbad. We are so happy when she feels happy! We would like to hire the same art teacher she sees regularly now to come specifically to give her le

  • Thank you for the great class this last week…I’ve seen the paintings our group made and I’m impressed…

  • This program sounds great, when can we schedule our first class!

  • Thank you, Steve and Sue. The residents love the class and are very proud of their paintings.

  • What you offer is amazing!

  • We have other Art instructors, but you reach residents who will not come to the other class. Your class requires no art experience, yet our residents are able to make beautify paintings!

  • I enjoy being in your class and I especially enjoy you as a teacher –A Resident.

  • I want you to know that your artist Tammy did an excellent job today. The classes went so smoothly, and the resident thoroughly enjoyed it. She was also so gracious when we threw the second class at her today. She’s a keeper. We can’t wait until next month.

  • I wanted to share with you that one of our students who never painted before, comes to our classes. He learned so much, & got so inspired, he now paints on his own, sells his work, & goes to other places to show his work. His only regret is he wished he found this out earlier in his life, because he is now in his 70’s. So KUDOS to Art For All Ages & your inspiration to the rest of us. 🙂

  • What a great class today, we had residents participating in your class who normally will not come to Art classes.

  • Your artist Lindsey is great and the residents love her they wish they could have the art class every week!

  • Everything went so well, I look forward to your classes next month!

  • Sue did a great job and the residents who were in attendance are very excited about the program. I am excited to bring Art for All Ages to our residents. I love your program and I hope it will be a success at our community.

  • I am SO excited for this program!

  • You had all great feedback so let’s go ahead and add your class for next month!
    Your program is so popular we will need to add a 2nd class to accommodate all the residents who want to attend!
    Your Art class works so well because all who attend are able to paint wonderful paintings that they are so proud of it’s empowering and adds to their self-confidence.

  • I’m looking forward to our next art class. I’ve framed all my paintings and am quite proud of being able to do them.
    I’ve done oil, and acrylic but water color seems to be more fun, thanks to you. -A Resident

  • I truly enjoyed your first class and even my husband commented: “You painted that, Wow”. -A Resident

  • Your Instructor was great!

  • Thank you so much. What you and your team does is amazing!

  • The residents really enjoyed themselves and all did exceptional work.  
    Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you next month.  

  • Thank you! We really enjoyed your program. I love that the residents have such a wonderful, finished project when the class is over.
    Thank you, Steve, the residents are very much enjoying your class.

  • We love having you here. Your projects are always so perfect for my group. Beautiful, easy to accomplish for all but not childish in any way.

  • Fun Class!! – I enjoyed being with you today –
    Thank You – You are a Patient, “Teaching” Artist. See you next month! -A Resident

  • Thanks again, Steve. My family thinks I’m a “great artist” and missed my calling. Little do they know that you make it so simple that a little child could do it. 
    Of course, I won’t let them know that!  I’ll just bask in the praise.  -A Resident

  • Thank you, everyone loved the class!!!!

  • Hi Steve! We had a wonderful session with Tammy yesterday!

  • Thank you, our residents love, you! We absolutely loved your artist yesterday, she was patient, loving, and a sweetheart!

  • Wow! Glad to hear you had a great turnout. Saw the paintings as well, fantastic!

  • Yes, your artist/employee was great, and the residents really seemed to enjoy it!

  • Thank you, Steve …Looking forward to this class and I know the residents are too!

  • Thanks, Steve!! The Residents just love your classes!!
    I’m so happy to have you in the community every month, we always look forward to your class.

  • Thank you again for offering a fabulous Art service. I was impressed!

  • The residents like your class very much!

  • Thanks so much, Your artist Lindsey does a great job for you!
    Really she is great with seniors, so thank you for sending her!

  • Thanks for your fabulous presentation. The residents have been letting me know how much they appreciated your presentation and how much they would like to do this program.
    I really want this program, we’ll start next month…

  • Thank you, Steve, for your patience with our Residents,
    They might not show it, but you made them feel special and fulfilled.

  • Thank you for being able to bring your art class to Windsor!
    All the residents that went to your class LOVED it! They can’t wait for you to be back next month!